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LS7: Productive Planning Skills

Productive Planning is a process, not an end. Thinking and acting define it, not a "plan" residing on a shelf. It is propelled by a "can do, will do" attitude, not a "should be done" attitude.

This training presents powerful process skills for:

  • Evaluating where you have come from,

  • Understanding your current state,

  • Envisioning what you seek to create in the future,

  • Perceiving the problems and obstacles that will prevent that future from happening,

  • Creating strategies for getting there anyway,

  • Identifying directions and momentum to be generated, and

  • Writing action plans to define the journey.

Once learned, these skills are customizable for any "you," any objective and any situation.

Note: This training is only carried out in a three-day retreat setting.

Download the course description [PDF approx. 55 KB]
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