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What is GWLI?

Group Works Leadership Institute (GWLI) is an ever-expanding network of paradigm pioneers. We're leaders in our fields. We share our knowledge, experience and wisdom in ways that expand the leadership horizon experienced by individuals and groups. And we know with assurance that leadership can be learned!! It doesn't happen by accident or by wishing. There are skills, discipline and practice involved in leadership, but yes - it can be learned.

GWLI associates delight in bringing cohesion, communication, inspiration and higher purpose to people and organizations in many corners of society. Having found "training" to be rather pedantic, we demonstrate to, and share learning with , people in all walks of life. We show just how simple, uplifting and economically beneficial teams, tasks and projects are when infused with appreciation, connection and satisfaction.

GWLI people are individuals who, as everyday leaders, actually lead daily in many aspects of their lives. They are engaged in actually bringing about a paradigm shift. Not all paradigm pioneers aspire to lead in the spotlight. Some quietly do what needs to be done, displaying and relying on excellent facilitation skills. These people are just as excellent as any leader who appears at the head of a crowd. It was through the mix of talents and character traits pooled among its originating people that GWLI came into being.

An originating executive committee was formed that evolved into the GWLI leadership team. A group of special advisors guides that team. Just as important, the Institute is a growing network of respectful and encouraging associates and members.

At GWLI, leadership refers to the thinking and action of people who are currently engaged in creating "tomorrows" that are significantly different from today's realities or yesterday's stories. They are doing so in ways so compelling that their behaviour generates voluntary followship.

Many people in hierarchical roles apply their thinking and acting in order to preserve or enhance their status quo. To us, that isn't leadership. Leadership and preserving the status quo are usually mutually exclusive. At GWLI we help people make it normal to embrace the future and to act to create it NOW.

GWLI offers three things: Leadership Skills for Everyday Leaders, Leadership Networks and professional Services. When we don't find the attributes that we celebrate, we bring 'em. That's what excites us. You should see our toolbox! We enjoy seeing our outlook and our talents passed on. Come on in, the water's fine!


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