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Leadership Is In Transition

Group Works Leadership Institute (GWLI) is a virtual space where paradigm pioneers from anywhere in the world choose to share the experience of expanding their leadership horizons. Everyone has some level of leadership skill and everyone can expand his or her leadership horizons when their energy follows their intention. This happens in the atmosphere you find at GWLI - inspiring, fun and instructive.

Society has begun to realize that the concept of leadership is in transition. This is driven to a great degree by the many ways in which we collect, combine, analyze, exchange and apply information and knowledge, and also how these have been transformed by the convergence of information technology, computers, telecommunications, radio, television and the Internet. The world-wide-web (www) is the harbinger of a new age.

Leadership from the top is having to shift to the concept of leadership from throughout. Old concepts about leaders dashing into the fray, spouting slogans or cajoling crowds are being replaced by the courage it takes for a person to stand up and declare with the confidence of real skills and knowledge that things can be different. It is a reaching out to principles that make sense, save time, empower all, lower strain, spread benefit and set an example. Leadership expands when permitted to blossom. While blossoming is resplendent in every natural springtime, it is in some corners of our society a forgotten art that GWLI would like to see flourish.

GWLI presents you with a well-thought-out, professionally honed array of Transformational Leadership Skills, learning networks and access to paradigm pioneers. People are already exploring and participating in the opportunities to expand their leadership horizons. They're enhancing their skills, and the activities and themes they bring contribute to the exhilaration of realized human potential.

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