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GWLI Leadership Services -

Benefits at a Glance

At GWLI we believe that leadership comes not just from the top-down, or from the bottom-up, but that it operates all through an organization. The benefits of the GWLI Transformational Leadership Skills (TLS) training program and also of its coaching and professional services program are many. They are both immediate and evolving and they derive from profound insights regarding modern organizations. GWLI promotes a culture of leadership from within and throughout the whole organization.

Benefits of GWLI Training, Coaching and Professional Services

Save time by increased efficiency

Efficiency simply means doing things in the "right" way. GWLI transformational leadership skills help people discover quickly which ones of many ways are the most "right."


Save money by increased productivity

Effectiveness means doing the right things. Productive means doing the right things and producing a valuable result. GWLI transformational leadership skills help people to quickly decide and then carry out which of many actions that could be done with the time and resources available are the most "right" in terms of the outcomes desired.


Accomplish more during the business day.

Left on their own most people tend to consume a certain amount of energy (sometimes a lot) regretting or resenting the past, fretting and worrying about the future and shifting "blame" to some unfortunate "they" who is not present. GWLI skills give people the capacity to co-create in the present , (which also leads to creating the future and tomorrow's memories). The energy they no longer invest fruitlessly in the past and future becomes available for the work of today.

Transform stress into business benefits

Stress is a destructive force when it is suffered in silence. It becomes a creative power when it is shared with others who may be also affected. GWLI demonstrates that when people share their stresses openly and honestly, the resulting synergy transforms the stress into a commitment to action. The old adage says it best - "Many hands make light work!"


Generate resilient and adaptable team cohesion

Most people would be happy for things to change and make their life easier, but at the same time they are comfortable with the familiar and would like things to stay pretty much the same. The "want things different - don't like change" dilemma debilitates team cohesion and organizational loyalty. While most organizations do remarkably well in adapting to technological change, what is also required is for people to be adaptable to what can be better and resilient in terms of what is already good. GWLI demonstrates how people in organizations can build team cohesion by respecting their heritage, creating their future and being comfortable with what is happening in the moment.


Avoid burnout - speed recover afterward

Whether you are facing burnout, recovering from burnout, or you just don't want to go there, GWLI professionals can teach you how to access your inner energy and find the personal and organizational resources needed to achieve victory.

Escape depression - and its cost.

People get depressed. The more pressured people feel the more they try to do things themselves instead of taking the time and energy to engage help from others - they get feverish, and then isolated because they are not keeping up. GWLI teaches people, and their management, how to reach out in support for each other as a normal practice.


Embrace feelings as resources

GWLI encourages the recognition that feelings and "intuitions" are an integral part of the overall people resource. When people feel secure, in control and adequate they are naturally able to maintain clarity and focus. People's feelings and intuitions are the tools nature gives us to maintain balance, clarity and focus. Feelings contain tremendous information and energy that can be accessed for productive and healthy purposes.


Recognize frustration and conflict as creative forces

When people feel frustrated or angry, or find themselves in conflict, it is because they care about something. The GWLI approach recognizes frustration and conflict as creative forces that indicate leadership opportunities.


Leadership skills make group interactions easy, efficient and effective.
People feel their presence and input is respected and valued.
They enjoy, participate and come alive in their meetings.
Employee morale, creativity and productivity is increased.
They are the route to, and the root of, "Priceless Value."
Group Works Leadership Institute could be your next best investment.
It could lead to your next 'best practice'!

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