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Spiritual Mechanics

People are energy - and not just physical energy. We are also mental, emotional, psychic, spiritual and electromagnetic energy. Each of us is part of a whole energy system and we are all interconnected as any knowing glance, smile, frown or nod exchanged with another person demonstrates. There are specific mechanics underlying ways of being that make sense, support society, engender economic growth and respect our many environments. Attitude, atmosphere, interaction, intention and effect constantly operate in ways that we can learn to sense, to notice, and to apply. This is spiritual mechanics.

How would you like to:

  • Function with "bigger-picture" vision that transforms struggle into purpose?

  • Walk with the "bold humility," wisdom and tranquillity that gets things done?

  • Step up to bat, effortlessly replacing outdated modes of change that are only too happy to be retired?

  • Recognize how "Who Woulda Thunk It!" thinking recharges individuals, groups and companies, and also transforms the environment around them?

  • Experience what it feels like to actually become the person or group you'd like to meet?

Technology is rapidly catching up to thought. Researchers are now able, in medical experiments, to track scientifically the effect of thought and intention. Although such research itself is not an area of our activity, at GWLI we recognize this fact to be one of the most awesome frontiers of leadership the results of which can be brought to young and old, individual and group, with benefits for us all. That is what we do so well.

The courage it takes to embrace the obvious is part of true leadership. In our ever-changing, fast-paced, option-filled, global society, true leadership must be a dynamic that constantly demonstrates the wise use of how and why we function, as much as what we do. Dare, at times, to step backward from the chaos, pause and reflect a moment about the uncomplicated ethics and values that so many people tell us are missing in their lives and activities.

GWLI is a home where human potential is harnessed. The Group Works Leadership Institute weaves this body of knowledge throughout its activity. It's fun! And we help you bring easier ways of functioning to your projects, your workplace and your interactions with others. Let us know what genie is in your bottle, itching to get out and to finally express what you know to be true and wish from your universal place to see more of around you.

We will tailor our programs to meet your needs.


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