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Skilfull facilitation makes group interactions easy, efficient and effective. People feel their presence and input is respected and valued. They enjoy, participate and come alive in their meetings and employee morale, creativity and productivity is increased.

Good facilitators design interaction dynamics to help groups get free of their internal obstacles, difficulties and blockages. They lead by asking insightful questions and encouraging discussion. Acting as neutral persons they help groups maintain their focus in stressful times, and to think effectively about their assumptions, beliefs, values and systemic processes.

  • Are you launching a new venture?

  • Are you implementing change or facing organizational resistance in the work place, or in any other vocational commitments?

  • Is your group trying hard to improve communications?

  • Do you have situations where key decision-makers are also key participants and other people feel left out?

  • Have you got more resources and success than you know what to do with, and it's causing that desirable problem of "having too much" that isn't so desirable when it you're in the middle of it?

  • Are your friends and colleagues experiencing tension, complexity, stress or just simply starting to shut down?

These are common situations in today's fast-paced human environment where expectations run high and multifaceted communication is vital. You may appreciate the help of professional facilitation with GWLI personnel.

We will tailor our programs to meet your needs.


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