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International Development - Developing World

GWLI maintains a network of international consultant affiliations with colleagues in Africa and other Developing World Countries offering technical services and assistance in many fields of international development. The Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian companies, not-for-profit corporations and citizens, have a wonderful heritage of being leaders in peace-keeping and social, economic and environmental support in Developing World countries. Many small and medium sized Canadian businesses, and not-for-profit corporations, are actively involved in Developing World Countries - or would like to be. Our affiliates in the field offer practical perspectives on how development dynamics can be operationalized in local Developing World settings.

GWLI can be your support in Developing World opportunities for involvement in:

  • Enterprise Development: medium and small business development in finance, business and trade, rural financial services, tourism development and management and business information services linked to the international markets.

  • Agriculture and Rural Development: policy analysis for sustainable broad-based economic growth; policy dialogue and market information for agriculture policymaking.

  • Environment and Natural Resources: Environmental and social impact assessment, environmental policy, water resource management, forestry and forest enterprise development, fragile lands and protected areas, watershed management andwildlife conservation.

  • Democratic Governance: relations among public administration including local government, public finance, judicial and legal structures and civil society to ensure openness, accountability and citizen participation.

  • Human Rights in a Global Context: Our affiliates have expertise in monitoring potential violations, providing technical assistance in, undertaking human rights field activities and operations such as provision of education, information and advisory services

  • International Trade: Developing World trade policy research and analysis; regional, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements including international trade disputes; insights into the current WTO negotiations issues in areas such as technical assistance, agriculture, tariffs, trade in services, sustainable development, domestic and export subsidy practices, and barriers to trade.

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