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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a given. We're surrounded by it. From the minor office spat to international misunderstandings leading to war and mass destruction, conflict is simply a part of life. It is unrealistic to hope that conflict will go away anytime soon, but what is realistic is developing skills that will help you and your organization deal effectively and responsibly with conflict. From a leadership perspective, it's not the absence of conflict, but what we do about it that counts.

GWLI offers conflict resolution support in the following areas:

  • Dispelling the myths of conflict: examining the mythology of conflict - does our belief system support a healthy approach to conflict resolution? Is an attitudinal shift the first order of business?

  • Understanding conflict: an essential step to resolving conflict is to recognize its symptoms and to understand its causes.

  • Positions vs. Interests: the positions taken in conflict tend to entrench it, and often mask what is at the heart of the conflict - diverging interests.

  • CR techniques: from negotiation to arbitration, there is a spectrum of CR interventions that can be brought to bear, depending on the nature and severity of conflict, and the urgency for resolution.

  • Getting started - how to encourage parties involved in conflict to commence the process of resolution.

  • Resources: - go it alone; go it alone with coaching; using third party neutrals; calling in the experts.

  • Implementing agreements: even when agreement is reached, it can be a challenge to ensure its implementation; how to enable the creation of agreements that survive for the long haul?

GWLI has the resources and the expertise to support your growth as a leader in conflict resolution.

We will tailor our programs to meet your needs.


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