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Rescues, Turnarounds & Closures

Many organizations, or parts of organizations, find from time to time that they are in a state of crisis. Little time or energy can be spared for long-term leadership needs of the organization while the current crisis is demanding 9 hours out of every 8-hour day. The dilemma is that until and unless something is done, 9 hours becomes 9.5 hours then 10 hours and some more and some more until everyone is doing a 60 hour week and something is about to blow up, shut down or implode! When you can see that the tidal wave is coming, is here now, or just gone by, GWLI can put together a team of specialists to help you through the crisis.

  • Has your budget recently been chopped to below your survival point?

  • Are your sales down, or your products and services out of step with the market?

  • Is there bad news you don't want to tell anyone?

  • Are your expenses climbing and your revenues dwindling?

  • Are you hugely affected by organizational change from above, or the need for it?

  • Has the closure of a major supplier or a major customer caused a major disaster?

  • Have you got an inventory glut?

  • Has the market turned its back on you?

  • Does anyone know what's really going on?

If at least someone knows, you may be able to struggle on through. But if not, we can help. Sometimes just a chat with a professional who brings fresh questions and viewpoints, and no historical assumptions, will help to break the log jamb.


We will tailor our programs to meet your needs.


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