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Alliances, Startups and New Ventures

Many organizations find themselves, at the beginning of a new venture, overwhelmed by the variety and scope of the many things that have to be done immediately, yesterday if possible, or today at the latest. The energy of personnel is at a peak. Morale is high. Expectations are out of sight. Potential chaos lurks everywhere and the possibilities of success are legion. Everyone has a smile you can see for a mile.

The dogged work of actualizing a new opportunity is very different from the wheeling and dealing that captured the opportunity. GWLI can put together a team of specialists to help steer you through these wonderful startup challenges.

  • Have you recently received a budget windfall?

  • Has your organization recently won a huge new contract?

  • Are you about to "absorb" another company by merger or acquisition?

  • Are you entering a new strategic alliance or partnership?

  • Has your company recently sold a whole division and now has surplus resources available for redistribution?

  • Do you need to create a leadership team, or a mastermind team?

  • Is the market breaking faster than you can keep up with?

  • Have you had a sudden run of plain old good luck?

Whether it is just a little problem, or a huge challenge, Group Works Leadership Institute can help.

We will tailor our programs to meet your needs.

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