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Any prospective Associate that would be like to appear on the GWLI Web Site may apply to the Leadership Team. There are four criteria involved in being a GWLI Associate. A prospective Associate must:

  1. Be in the business of providing skills training, counseling/coaching support or consulting services that are compatible with and complementary to GWLI's offerings;

  2. Agree with and support the key beliefs of GWLI;

  3. Enter into and maintain a formal business relationship with GWLI concerning the services it offers through the GWLI Web Site;

  4. Be approved by the GWLI Leadership Team.


Ongoing conditions for maintaining Associate costs:

  • Upon first joining GWLI as an Associate there will be a one-time fee of $300 for creating a GWLI web page that introduces the Associate to other Associates and Members of GWLI.

  • The annual maintenance fee for Associates is $250.



  • Each Associate may be listed in one primary Leadership Network and two secondary Leadership Networks.

  • Associates will have the opportunity to offer their training courses and consulting services to Members and other Associates.

  • Lists of Associates will be available to Active Members and other Associates within the Leadership Networks and for Consulting Services.

  • Access to contact information for Associates will be available to active Members and other Associates.

  • No cost email updater service and free GWLI Journal.

  • During GWLI's start-up period the first five primary Associates in each Leadership Network will have their first year annual maintenance waved in full.

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